Butterbur – The Healing Plant
  • Frau mit Kopfschmerzen nimmt Pestwurz bei Migräne

Butterbur for fewer migraine days

Butterbur for migraine: Fewer migraine days with Butterbur!

A typical migraine attack makes its presence known in the form of a severe, and most often one-sided headache. These appear suddenly and are often accompanied by visual and sensory disturbances.

The presence of a migraine usually results in a lost day for the affected person, putting family, spare time, and work on hold. Accompanying symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and noise often forces the patient into a darkened room.

During a migraine attack, rest, pain-relieving medication, and special migraine medication are all helpful.

To prevent pain from occurring in the first place

Researchers are not only looking intensively for a means to combat the pain of an attack effectively but are also looking for ways to prevent its onset in the first place.

Migraine prevention belongs to the hot topics of pain research if only to reduce or relieve completely the taxing burden of taking strong pain medications which migraine patients experience.

With herbal powers fewer migraine attacks

Now an important part is played by the therapy with extracts from butterbur (Petasites hybridus). Clinical studies (published in Neurology 2004, and in European Neurology, 2004) with the herbal extract (Petadolex) have shown that: A corresponding treatment reduces the number of migraine attacks. With children and adolescents who have taken butterbur while suffering from migraine the efficacy could be demonstrated. The great advantage of treatment with butterbur: It is efficacious, easily tolerated and helps migraine patients to significantly decrease the stress of taking pain medications.

The medical recommendation relates exclusively to the patented butterbur special extract with daily extract dosages in the range of 100 mg or 150 mg. For homeopathic butterbur extracts no studies are available concerning migraine or the efficacy in migraine prevention.

The healing agents of butterbur

The strong tension-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect of butterbur (Petasites hybridus) has been mentioned since ancient times and is still discussed today. Not all ingredients of the healing plant are known exactly in relation to their contribution to these effects. Due to the butterbur plant’s strong potential in connection with treatment of pain-conditions, migraine and headaches it is currently being intensively studied. As the significant active ingredients, Petasin and Isopetasin (two sesquiterpenes) were identified which are in turn contained in standardized pharmaceutical special extracts.

Aside of this there are homeopathic butterbur preparations which contain the active ingredients in a highly diluted form. For example a potency of D6 corresponds with a dilution of 1:1,000,000. The homeopathic preparation are used among others to tread spasmodic cough or bronchitis

Successfully prevent migraine with butterbur

A reduction in the frequency of attacks occurs when taking treatments of butterbur (Petasites hybridus) often as early as four weeks after beginning the treatment, and sometimes only after six to eight weeks. This is to be decided individually. In order to ensure a lasting effect, as with all preventative migraine treatments, a treatment course of at least 6 months is recommended. The effect is not immediately noticeable but rather is noticeable after a few weeks or two months. Side effects reported by some migraine patients include stomach upset or regurgitation.

Hightech-Butterpur preparations with 100% potency

Please use only the pharmaceutical brand preparations from which the undesirable substance of the butterbur plants have been removed and which contain the proper efficacious special extract with guaranteed 100% drug content.

For homeopathic preparations, recognizable through the suffix D3 or D6, no studies concerning migraine are available. These homeopathic preparations among others are listed as possible applications for spasmodic cough or bronchitis. Homeopathic butterbur preparations are not suited for the treatment of migraine or the reduction of attacks as they contain the active ingredient of the healing plant only in the smallest amounts based on all scientific studies.

Use of the whole drug, for example as tea preparation, is not possible due to the high content of pyrrolizidine!